You    Are    Now    Entering    The    Bonzo    Dog    Doo    Dah    Band's    Chord-O-Matic!    Good    Luck!    Ha    Ha    Ha    Ha......!

It's Just About Here!!!

Ta-Daaaaa! The page is up and running and ready to be used! Please take a look at all the sections, not just the chords. Have fun!


What News!?: This is the sect where I tell you news and stuff.
Thank Yous: Exactly what the name says.

Now The Moment You've All Been Waiting For...THE CHORDS!

Humanoid Boogie:
Rockaliser Baby:
Bride Stripped Bare By Bachelors:
Big Shot:
Mr. Apollo:

Arright, I know there aren't that many songs up
yet, but don't fret. I'm working on more songs and
if you know any songs, please send them to me!!!!!